Physical Education and Sport .

The PE program at PPS is focused on students being encouraged to take risks, challenge themselves and have fun. The program provides opportunities for all students to be actively involved and gain an understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, while also establishing a lifelong passion for sport and movement.

Each week all grades have a 50 min PE lesson and also a 50 min Grade Sport session.

At PPS there is a strong focus on the introduction and the continual development of Fundamental Movement Skills. Students are given the opportunity to use these learned and practised skills in Striking and Fielding, Net/Wall, Invasion Games and Game Sense sessions. This leads on to major game settings, with focus on teamwork, inclusion, rules and sportsmanship.

Pearcedale Primary School have a strong sporting tradition and are proud of the commitment of students, staff and the community for the success we have in Sport. Our school has been represented in various events at District, Divisional, Regional and State levels. We are a part of the Murdoch District where we compete against our local schools in many sports, including AFL, Netball, Cricket, Softball, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country.

We also provide a Swimming Program/ Water Safety Program for Prep – Grade 4 and a Water Safety Beach Program, for our Grade 5 and 6 students. We run Cross Country and Athletics Days for all grade levels, while students in Grade 4 – 6 are involved in Swimming Fun Days and also have the opportunity to participate in the Hooptime Basketball competition.

PE at PPS is valued and we aim to provide a program to encourage our students to be fit, confident and healthy.