Children naturally love exploring their world, solving problems and asking ‘tricky’ questions. Many children come to our school with an in-depth knowledge of a science topic that they have a personal interest or experience in. Students are encouraged to share their expert knowledge with their class mates and topics are explored through an enquiry base model that starts with what the students already know and builds on their knowledge.

Students in each year level participate in a unit of work in each of the four areas of Science:

Term 1 Physical Science

Term 2 Earth and Space Science

Term 3 Chemical Science

Term 4 Biological Science

Throughout each year level students are also taught a sequential component of skills that give them a solid understanding of the Scientific Method of Inquiry and the Engineering Process. Students are given ‘hands on’ experiences to explore each concept and are encouraged to represent their findings in a variety ways.

One of the highlights in our Science Room is student’s bringing in items that they have discovered. Some of these items are displayed on our Science Shelf.

In 2017 we moved into our new purpose built Science Room which has a garden where we grow our own vegies, observe mini beasts and conduct investigations.

Further information about the Victorian Science Curriculum can be found through this link –


Science Scope and Sequence 2020