Pearcedale Primary Schools Performing Arts program has been specifically designed to engage students in relevant lessons that are both fun and engaging while still being educationally sound. Our program is designed to enhance student understanding and enjoyment of the three areas of the Performing Arts – Music, Dance and Drama.

Foundation to Grade 2; students are introduced to performance and audience skills by enhancing their awareness of the diversity of music, dance and drama.

The Junior school participate in an end of year annual “Christmas on the Lawn” production. This concert allows students to perform for their family, friends and the local community.

In their weekly Performing Arts lessons our Junior students are very quickly introduced to the underlying heart and building blocks of music – Beat. This is done using predominantly percussion instruments, including maracas, triangles, tambourines, claves, djembes, and bells. Students develop their understanding of rhythm and basic notation during these lessons and Year 2 students begin to learn the Recorder to build upon their music notation skills they have learnt in previous years.



In Grades 3-6 students continue to build upon the fundamental skills learned in Junior School and incorporate more formal study of music literacy (how to read and write music), dance and drama. They continue to explore and develop their dance and drama skills, refining each art form.

Students in year 3-4 participate in the sub school production “3-4 Spectacular” held annually. During this performance they are able to showcase their drama, dance and musical skills. More complex music elements and concepts are introduced throughout Grades 3-4, where the Recorder is continued, and the Ukulele is introduced as another fun and very accessible instrument.

The Grade 5-6 students develop their Guitar, Bucket Drumming, Keyboard and Percussion playing skills whilst playing along to a variety of contemporary music. The 5-6 students also have the opportunity to participate in the National Wakakirri story telling through dance and drama competition annually.

Pearcedale Primary School have been awarded the title of state winners a number of times, as well as the coveted honour of being the National winners.

Our curriculum addresses all areas of the Victorian Curriculum.


Instrumental Program- Our instrumental program allows students to learn an instrument of their choice during weekly individual or small group lessons. We currently have six instrumental staff, who offer lessons in flute, piccolo, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, keyboard, piano, drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, vocals, trumpet, violin and harmonica.

Students in the instrumental program have the opportunity to join and rehearse weekly as a member of the school concert band. Our school band have many opportunities to perform at a variety of events throughout the year, including the school carnival, visits to a local retirement village, and our annual Music Night. Children have the opportunity to be selected to attend the yearly “Southern Peninsula Music Camp” along with a number of students from selected schools on the Mornington Peninsula. Children learn, rehearse, and perform with a variety of teachers and professional musicians concluding with an evening performance for family and friends.

Our School band has had the opportunity to attend live performances and learn from and play with the Royal Navy Band.

Choir- Pearcedale Primary School runs a junior choir for foundation to year 2 students and a senior choir for year 3 to 6 students. Weekly rehearsals are held to develop student’s vocal skills and prepare them for performances. Students have the opportunity to perform at the School Carnival, Music Night, assemblies, retirement villages and other school-based events.