What is AUSLAN???

Auslan is the sign language of the Australian Deaf community. Many people in the Australian deaf community have been using Auslan for over 100 years.

It is a language like Chinese, French or English, except instead of speaking, it is signed using facial expressions, hand and body language. It has its own grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary.

The name Auslan was coined from the words Australian sign language.


Auslan is currently offered at the Prep and Grade 1 level. Each grade participates in a 30 minute Auslan Session per week.

Thursday 1BB 1KM 1SB PJA 1SG PBW



The aim of the LOTE program at Pearcedale Primary school is to give every child the opportunity to learn a new skill and to experience success. All kids are encouraged and supported to have a go and all successes are celebrated.  Auslan is implemented through A variety of games, music, songs, movement activities, discussion and lots of laughter! Auslan is FUN!

Term 3 will see us focusing on Olympic signs.

Each Prep and Grade 1 class have a poster in their classroom with the current vocabulary focus so keep an eye out and learn some signs along with us!