Information regarding ANAPHYLAXIS

There are several children in our school who have anaphylaxis. These children have allergies that are so severe that an allergic reaction is potentially life threatening to them. If these children come in to contact with even a trace amount of their specific allergen they may suffer an anaphylactic reaction. An anaphylactic reaction can produce such severe swelling of their air passages that suffocation and death may occur within minutes. Avoidance of the allergen is the only way to prevent an anaphylactic reaction.

As a community we are responsible for the care and safety of these children. At Pearcedale Primary School we are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for all our children. To help us to do this we ask that you do not send any nuts or nut products to school for lunches or snacks. Please be aware that we are asking that all families keep products such as peanut butter, ‘nutella’, ‘Snickers’, nut bars, muesli bars, and other products that have nuts in them, away from school.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the school directly.