Pearcedale Primary School’s Sustainability Committee, Junior School Council and Marine Ambassadors are working with Enviro Angels to make the school more sustainable.

Our current focus is on Waste Minimisation.

Every family can help by supporting Nude Food:

  • Nude Food is healthy and environmentally friendly!
  • Use reusable containers instead of plastic or foil packaging
  • Use containers you already have, or purchase specific lunchboxes that have separate compartments and attached lids

Purchase containers through or and a portion of the profits come back to Pearcedale Primary School for the school’s Sustainability Program

  • Label all containers with child’s name
  • Buy in bulk to save money and use less packaging


Other initiatives we are taking towards Waste Minimisation at the school:

  1. Increasing number of recycling bins so no recyclables are going to landfill
  2. Composting fruit and vegetable scraps
  3. Participating in Planet Ark’s Cartridge Recycling Scheme

The Sustainability Committee encourages you to watch the ABC documentary “War on Waste” to see just how much waste we are producing in Australia each day and some ways to reduce it.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, or would like to join the Sustainability Committe for a more active role in achieving our Sustainability Goals, please feel free to contact Karen or Annette – details below.